TITLE: Fresh Start GENRE: cinematic MOOD: breakthrough
TITLE: Shine Full GENRE: film_score MOOD: atmospheric
TITLE: Old Time Memories GENRE: acoustic MOOD: happy
TITLE: Motivational Event GENRE: acoustic MOOD: determined
TITLE: Giving Back GENRE: acoustic MOOD: relaxed
TITLE: Infomercial Motivation GENRE: pop MOOD: confident
TITLE: Good Morning GENRE: classical MOOD: bright
TITLE: Corporate Presentation GENRE: pop MOOD: breakthrough
TITLE: Winning GENRE: orchestral MOOD: uplifting
TITLE: Dreaming Becomes Real GENRE: spiritual MOOD: atmospheric
TITLE: Night at the Club GENRE: techno MOOD: energetic
TITLE: Panoramic GENRE: rock MOOD: reflective
TITLE: Accomplishment GENRE: cinematic MOOD: positive
TITLE: Happy & Bright Ukulele GENRE: acoustic MOOD: happy
TITLE: Motivational Presentation GENRE: pop MOOD: hopeful
TITLE: Piano Pop Fun GENRE: classical MOOD: bright
TITLE: Space Invasion GENRE: electronica_dance MOOD: groovy
TITLE: Respect GENRE: hip_hop MOOD: thug
TITLE: Business Infomercial GENRE: orchestral MOOD: positive
TITLE: Happy Ukulele GENRE: acoustic MOOD: bright
TITLE: Fun in the Sun GENRE: cinematic MOOD: joyful
TITLE: Finally Home GENRE: orchestral MOOD: calm
TITLE: Reflecting on Times GENRE: industrial MOOD: uplifting
TITLE: Island Paradise GENRE: acoustic MOOD: calm
TITLE: Not Over Finale GENRE: cinematic MOOD: emotional
TITLE: Christmas GENRE: holiday MOOD: emotional